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The Protein Packed Shake! Now With The Muscle-Building Benefits Of Revigor HMB!

The Protein Packed Shake! Now With The Muscle-Building Benefits Of Revigor HMB!


The Myoplex Ready-to-Drink nutrition shake offers you a comprehensive, convenient, and economical tool you can use to help make sure your body has the nutrients it needs to maintain your active lifestyle. The Myoplex Ready-to-Drink formula provides high-quality protein and over 50% of the RDA for virtually every essential vitamin and mineral.

Our most protein-packed product, now has the muscle building benefits of Revigor® HMB®. 42g of high-quality protein and 1.5g Revigor® HMB® give you the power to rebuild muscle after workout.




REVIGOR HMB aids muscles post-workout in 3 ways:


  • Protects Muscle Tissue by reducing the breakdown of protein
  • Helps Preserve Muscle CELLS by strengthening muscle cell membranes
  • Promotes Muscle Growth by increasing protein synthesis


Each serving delivers:


  • 42g Protein: Features a blend of rapid and slowly digested proteins, designed to promote sustained muscle protein synthesis.
  • 1.5g REVIGOR HMB: Produced naturally in the body from the amino acid, leucine, helps recovery in 3 ways: protects muscle tissue, preserves muscle cells, and promotes muscle growth.
  • 24 Vitamins & Minerals: To support daily nutrition, including 8 B vitamins for energy and protein metabolism, antioxidant vitamins C and E, and selenium for immune support


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